Athens "Agora" - A presentation of a Shopping Culture

According to the dictionary: Agora is an assembly place. It derives from Greek agora (open space), typically a marketplace. But nothing is typical when it comes to Athens marketplace.

Because it is... a marketplace that has always been placed in the "heart" of Athens historic center. On its narrow or wide labyrinthine streets, you can find more than 2.500 shops which sell different kind of products from local herbs, jewelry, gifts to urban street wear. At the same time, its pedestrian areas are a tranquil place with many coffee houses, small bars and modern restaurants.

Because it is... a marketplace easily accessible and strategically located like no other in Europe. To begin with hotels for all pocket sizes surround Athens shopping center. Hotels that offer high-end hospitality and at the same time they have hosted important international conferences. All means of mass transportation are connected with the historic center of the city. Tourists have lots of choices: they can always get on a bus, a trolley or the stylish tram. However, the metro is one of the most luxurious and squeaky-clean metros in Europe. Moreover, its stations give a rare opportunity to see for free artworks and replicas of ancient times. Even if you miss a bus or a train, the Athens shopping area is within walking distance from everything. Not to mention that strolling through Athens is the best way to discover its rich history as Ancient, Roman, Byzantine and modern monuments abound.

Because it is... a marketplace for all ages and tastes. Central Athens offers whatever your shopping heart desires. A shopping spree from the high-end designer boutiques of Kolonaki to the seedy flea market vintage paradise of Monastiraki and the covered yard of Varvakeios with more 70 food shops. Shopping is easy. It is so rare and difficult to get lost in translation. The vast majority of shop owners and assistants are fluent in English and they love chatting. They are amicable and they love their job and city. Thus they easily change roles and become from shop owners to the best city guides.