Up Market - Kolonaki is elite, exclusive but at the same time so inclusive. All the innovative, talented fashion mongers of Greece have found their shelter here. It is a meeting point for the politicians, high profile journalists, actors, fashion models and businessmen.

Time for a break...

Abundant of choices to enjoy a cup of coffee or to grab a bite.

Night time...YES!

Restaurants, Bars, Pubs and live Music Halls.

Products & Services Available (Luxury Market)

  • Luxury Greek Fashion Brands - Premium Greek Fashion
  • Luxury International Fashion Brands
  • Luxury Watches & Jewelry Faux Bijoux Optical
  • Cosmetics - Beauty Articles - Perfumes
  • Beauty Care services:
  • Hair Dressing - Spa Services - Nail Care - Fitness Clubs Etc.
  • Tobacco Shops - Gift Shops
  • Telecommunication - Modern Art - Flowers
  • Bakeries - Pastry Shops
  • Limousine Services