A top city break destination…

Because it is... a marketplace that has always been placed in the "heart" of Athens historic center!
Because it is... a marketplace easily accessible and strategically located like no other in Europe!
Because it is... a marketplace for all ages and tastes!

Introducing Athens Traders' Association

This is a journey that a hundred of the most acclaimed merchants of Athens embarked on, on a February day in 1902. A non- profit organization that has braced its history and activities along with the establishment of the Modern Greek state. One of the primary purposes of Athens Traders Association has always been to support and promote the entrepreneurial spirit. The organization is comprised mainly of commercial company leaders who seek to address social, educational, commercial and economic issues of importance to the Athens business life. It has been the backbone of the Greek economy and has always played a key role in the country's GDP growth and development. Merchants represent the most vibrant fiber of Athens society and even in times of recession, Athenians have always embraced the historic city center - the heart and soul of traditional and modern shopping.

It is a given fact that Athens - as whole of Greece - is experiencing one of the most difficult and turbulent periods of its modern history; a turning point that will determine its future course. In the Athens Traders Association, we see the recession as a challenge. Thus, the administration board the previous years has set as its most important priority to contribute to the rejuvenation of the battered city center. We strongly believe that the Athens historic triangle is the key to the re-establishment of the capital as a whole. The area in question extends from the sacred rock of Acropolis to the Panathenaic Stadium, from the imposing Athens Megaron Concert Hall to National Archeological Museum and from the historic Omonoia Square to the industrial museum and cultural venue of Technopolis.